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Squirrel Photo Gallery by Suburban Wildlife Control


what happened to the squirrel in the house and other squirrel pics....

squirrel on chest    squirrel running through house
The squirrel jumped up on to the furniture, knocking over keepsakes as he fled...

squirrel in house    squirrel under table    Brad preparing to catch squirrel    getting ready to cathc a squirrel
Yes, Brad got the squirrel and all was safe and sound!

These photos of squirrels Brad trapped that were living in a customer's attic just go to show how many deterrents (like fake plastic owls) do not work.

The last photo shows another of the squirrels Brad removed from the attic, caught at a precarious (but successful!) angle! :)

2 squirrels in a trap next to the wooden vent they had chewed their way into, and photos of some of the damage they did to this beautiful wood home, including chewing wires, which can be extremely dangerous.

This mother squirrel that has chewed her way into a customer's attic watches Brad intently as he gathers her babies and prepares to capture her. (left and middle). The whole family captured, Brad stops to snap a quick photo of mom (in trap) and babies (placed on top of trap) before releasing them into the wild far from where they were originally reeking havoc :) (right)

One more photo of the tiny babies and mother squirrel (left), and a close up of the little ones (eyes not even open yet) (middle) and then Brad places them in the hollow of a tree in a big woods where mother squirrel has shelter for her babies. (right)

This bold squirrel stuck its head out of the hole it chewed into this beautiful Victorian house and watched us for the longest time, even as Brad put his ladder up and climbed within inches of it.


Brad up on a roof trapping squirrels    squirrel trapping    high up in the world
Brad way up in the world setting squirrel traps

A brother and sister (or two sisters or two brothers) one grey and one black squirrel from the same litter! These two caught in June 2010.

Another black squirrel! This one caught in July of 2010.

The black squirrel in its new home in the woods far, far away from the attic it was removed from. Bye, bye black squirrel!

Yet another black squirrel! This one also had grey litter mates. It has quite a bit of brown in its tail. These were captured in August of 2009.


a squirrel with a sweet, photo taken by Jackie V.    mmmm yummy!       
A fat squirrel that found a lollypop on the ground...squirrels love sweets too (who doesn't?) Squirrel on right, happy and free and not living in someone's attic! :)



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