Skunk Spray, Smell, & Odor Removal by Suburban Wildlife Control:

How do you get rid of that horrible, awful skunk spray smell? Well, it's not easy, whether it's your dog, your clothes, or your house that's been sprayed, no one wants to breathe in that annoying, noxious odor. After we have successfully trapped and taken away any skunks from your property you may be looking for a way to get rid of skunk smell.

Unfortunately there are many myths and concoctions out there that just DO NOT work. You can forget about tomato juice! The most effective formula has been proven to be chemist Paul Krebaum's. He published it in "Chemical and Engineering News" in its October 1993 issue and it can also be found in Popular Science's August 2007 issue.

We have put it to the test ourselves (as we do unfortunately get sprayed by a skunk from time to time) and it has been verified by the famous MythBusters television show on one of their best episodes. So here it is, just do not store it after use!

Skunk Spray Smell Removal Formula:

1 U.S. Quart (approx 1 litre) of 3% hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup (approx 45 ml) baking soda + 1-2 teaspoons (approx 5-10 ml) liquid dish soap.

Directions: Mix well in a plastic bucket all three ingredients and apply mixture to affected areas, rinsing well with warm water afterward. Avoid getting in eyes, it can sting, can also sting cuts, etc, gloves can be worn. Pour the spent solution down the drain with running water. Do not store mixed solution in a closed bottle, sprayer, etc. Pressure will build up until the container bursts. This can cause severe injury.[1]

Once you have the formula mixed well, you can then commence to scrubbing your dog, your porch, the side of your house, or the inside of your window well, etc. To that we say, have fun! (we mean that in the nicest way! (we've been there) ;)

Just in case you wanted to know, the thiols, which are responsible for the odor, are not water soluble, even with soap, but the baking soda catalyzes the oxidative ability of the peroxide, which oxidizes the thiols into highly water-soluble sulfonates. This is how the winning combination is able to work! :)



1."Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, when combined, become a "chemical engine" for churning out oxygen. That's why it has to be used immediately after mixing. The soap breaks up the oils in the skunk spray, allowing the other ingredients to do their work".

  skunk spray smell odor removal by suburban wildlife control



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