Raccoons and Raccoon Removal Services by Suburban Wildlife Control:

Raccoons are the number one "nuisance animal".  Raccoons are very clever and agile, and are capable of causing major damage to homes, lawns, and businesses while looking for food and shelter.

Raccoons can be found nearly everywhere in Illinois, and have adapted particularly well to living in human environments.  Unfortunately they like the warmth, safety, and shelter of our dwellings as much as we do.

Raccoons can be found living in attics, chimneys, under decks, sheds, garages, and outbuildings.  Raccoons that have managed to gain access to attics can completely destroy the attic space, and cause untold damage in the process.

Raccoons can also do extensive damage to lawns, especially in the fall.

Raccoons have a very strong smelling urine that is can sometimes be detected from within the house, not to mention their feces, which is also very foul and strong smelling.  They tear through insulation, matting it down, and causing energy loss.  They destroy attic fans, roof vents, gable vents, and more.  They also chew holes through any bare wood.  They cause biohazardous conditions with their urine, feces, and capabilities of carrying a host of parasites and diseases, including mites, lice, fleas, worms, viruses, mange, rabies, and distemper, some of which can be transmitted to humans and pets.

We trap and remove the nuisance raccoons, and once all of the animals are caught, we can inspect the attic for damage; which we offer complete attic insulation services to thoroughly remove all of the insulation, disinfect and deodorize the area, install new insulation, and repair raccoon damage.  Most often these are covered by homeowner's insurance.

Raccoons can also cause biohazardous conditions in garages, under your deck, and any other area that they inhabit.

Please contact us if you suspect you have a raccoon problem.  If you are unsure what type of animal is causing your wildlife problem, we will be able to tell you upon our thorough and expert inspection.

  raccoon mother and babies

A House Completely Destroyed by Raccoons   A Customer's lawn completly destroyed by raccoons
Here is a very good reason (left) not to leave your house vacant for an extended period of time without checking on it.
Raccoons can bring down a house and completely destroy it in no time flat! In the photo on the right is a lawn that raccoons have
completely torn apart! But as you can see in the background, we got him! :)

    baby raccoon in wall
This guy found himself invading the wrong toolbox!:) (left)
and a baby raccoon we removed from inside a customer's walls. (right)

8 raccoons in a dumpster    
Eight raccoons Brad removed from a Kindercare dumpster! (left) and major raccoon damage in an office building (right)

major raccoon damage    Raccoon and Lawn Damage
Extensive damage to lawns from raccoons

More Raccoon photos in our Photo Gallery> - we have a lot! :) (and some interesting stories to go along!)


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